How does a child grow chicken skin?

Children’s skin resistance is weak, so it is easy to appear abnormal. When parents take care of their children, they should pay attention to the skin condition and treat them as soon as possible after finding any abnormality. Some parents find that their children have chicken skin, which greatly affects their beauty. So, what should children do if they grow chicken skin?

Children develop chicken skin, which is called Mao round angle disease in medicine. If it belongs to mild hair round angle, it usually does not need special treatment. The appearance of round angle’s disease is related to the incomplete sweating of skin, which mostly occurs in arms and legs.

After chicken skin appears in children, the treatment method is very different from that of adults. When chicken skin appears in adults, exfoliating products can be used to improve it. However, children’s skin is tender, and if exfoliating products are used, it is easy to cause damage to the skin. At this time, pure plant moisturizer can be used for children.

If you find that your child has chicken skin, you need to adjust your diet. Usually, you should eat more foods containing vitamins, such as vegetables and fruits, and avoid eating irritating foods. Parents should be careful not to let their children scratch the affected area, so as not to cause skin damage, otherwise it may cause infection. If your child’s chicken skin symptoms are serious, you should take the child to the dermatology department for medical treatment. The doctor will repair the skin at the same time as the treatment.

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