How does a knot in one’s stomach itch in the third trimester?

Women in the third trimester are undoubtedly the hardest time in the process of pregnancy, because in the third trimester, the expectant mother’s stomach is very big, and it is usually accompanied by breathing difficulties, back pain and muscle strain, and all the conditions in the stomach will affect the heart strings of pregnant mothers, so what’s the matter with pimples in the third trimester?

In the third trimester of pregnancy, if itchy pimples grow on the belly of pregnant mothers, most of them are caused by stretch marks, because the belly of pregnant mothers will gradually increase. At this time, the fibers of pregnant mothers will break, which is likely to form small pimples of different sizes, and then produce stretch marks accompanied with itching symptoms. This situation does not need special treatment.

In addition, it may also be caused by allergies. When pregnant mothers are allergic to certain substances, they accidentally come into contact with them, which will cause local small pimples of different sizes. At the same time, with the symptoms of itching, the symptoms of allergies can be large or small. Therefore, if pimples are caused by allergies at one time, they can go to a regular hospital in time to find out the allergens and stay away in time.

In addition, if there are some problems in the liver function of pregnant mothers, it will lead to intrahepatic cholestasis, and the above-mentioned symptoms will also occur, or it may be caused by rash and toxic rash, but this situation is relatively rare and the probability is low, so it is suggested that all-round examination can be done to confirm the diagnosis.

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