How does hydronephrosis always cause lumbago?

During pregnancy, due to the gradual increase of fetus in the abdomen, the body shape of pregnant women will also change to some extent. As the fetus gradually gets bigger, it will oppress various organs in the pregnant woman’s body, and the baby will induce some diseases, and then produce some symptoms, so what about the low back pain of the pregnant woman with hydronephrosis?

Pregnant women with hydronephrosis should take correct treatment measures according to the causes of their diseases. Some pregnant women may have pain due to physiological hydronephrosis. At this time, they only need to drink warm water and urinate more, and try to use the left position when sleeping. If the symptoms are serious, they can also be treated by medical means.

While some pregnant women may induce pathological hydronephrosis during pregnancy, but the general pathological hydronephrosis is caused by some primary diseases. At this time, it is suggested to go to regular hospitals regularly to find out the specific causes of hydronephrosis, and then treat them symptomatic according to the causes. Do not take drugs indiscriminately, so as to avoid affecting the weight-bearing fetus.

During pregnancy, women should not eat too much high-salt food, and the diet should be light and nutritious, and they must have regular pregnancy check-ups to observe the health of the fetus and pregnant women. In case of any abnormality, they must actively treat it to avoid getting worse. At the same time, we should also walk properly in the third trimester to avoid obesity.

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