How does hydronephrosis relieve pain?

Kidney is very important to human body, it belongs to detoxification organ. If there is something wrong with the kidney, it will do great harm to your health. Some people will have hydronephrosis, which is a common abnormal symptom of kidney. Sometimes hydronephrosis is accompanied by obvious pain. So, how does hydronephrosis relieve pain?

When hydronephrosis causes pain symptoms, patients can take analgesic drugs and then treat the causes of hydronephrosis, which can fundamentally solve the problem of hydronephrosis and the pain symptoms will disappear. If hydronephrosis pain is caused by inflammation and infection of kidney, antibiotics should be used to treat it.

If the patient’s hydronephrosis is very serious, which causes the symptoms of compression pain, the patient can have nephrostomy or double J-tube. Many people have symptoms such as hydronephrosis and pain, which are caused by urolithiasis. At this time, primary diseases should be treated.

If urinary stones are mild, you can choose medication. When the illness is serious, doctors will recommend surgery. The incidence of urolithiasis is high, and patients are afraid of surgery. If you are afraid of surgery, you can also choose gamma knife or laser lithotripsy, which can cure the disease quickly, and does not require surgery, which means the cost is too high.

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