How does pregnant woman get purpura dermatitis?

Hormone levels in pregnant women are different from normal conditions and will change, so the skin will be affected to some extent, and spots or acne may grow. There are also many women who are sensitive to changes in the environment and climate because of their allergic constitution, so what about pregnant women with purpura dermatitis?

If you get purpura dermatitis because of allergy, you can actually apply some drugs properly, but pay attention to the fact that it must be used by pregnant women, which will not have much impact on the fetus, otherwise it may affect the baby’s development. But besides using ointment, keeping away from allergens in the environment is also a very useful method.

First, we must keep the environment clean and hygienic, and the discarded items in the home must be sealed and thrown out as soon as possible to avoid attracting mosquitoes. In addition, you can also use some dust-proof articles and change them more.

Second, the indoor humidity and temperature should be kept in a relatively good state, and the humidity should be kept below 50~60%. It is also possible to use dehumidifiers when necessary.

Third, because mold can also cause allergies, especially in summer, we must pay more attention to the cleaning of 空 gas. It is also a good choice to use 空 gas freshener.

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