How does pregnant woman have little red pimple?

When a woman is pregnant, there will be obvious changes in her breasts, and usually there will be breast swelling, which is caused by the exuberant secretion of hormones. In the later stage of pregnancy, many pregnant women will have milk secretion, which is a normal symptom during pregnancy. So, what’s the matter with the little red pimples in the breasts of pregnant women?

If a pregnant woman has a small red pimple on her breast, it may be prickly heat. In summer, people sweat easily, while pregnant women have a heavy physical burden, so they sweat more, which is easy to grow prickly heat. The symptoms are small red pimples on the skin, accompanied by itching symptoms, which is not a big problem, just apply some drugs to treat prickly heat.

When a woman is pregnant, she has small red pimples on her breast, which may also be eczema, which is a very common skin disease. After growing eczema, there will be obvious itching symptoms. This may be caused by genetic factors, environmental factors or infectious factors. Pregnant women can use special drugs for eczema treatment.

If eczema causes itching symptoms, don’t scratch them with your hands, but apply antipruritic drugs. Moreover, there are antipruritic ingredients in various drugs for treating eczema. When pregnant women suffer from eczema, they should pay attention to the care of the affected part, and try not to let the sun be exposed as far as possible, otherwise it will easily lead to aggravation of eczema.

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