How does pregnant woman lie sciatic nerve ache?

Many women feel unwell after pregnancy, especially in the early and late stages of pregnancy. Before pregnancy, there may be some obvious reactions during pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting. However, in the late stage of pregnancy, because the stomach has become bigger, it is more uncomfortable on the body parts, such as edema in the legs or backache and so on. What about the pain in the sciatic nerve lying on the left side of the pregnant woman?

First, if pregnant women have sciatica in the later stage of pregnancy, they can actually choose hot compress to help relieve the pain. This method is still very simple, and only a hot towel or hot water bag is needed to apply it to the waist, but the temperature should not be too high, otherwise burns will easily occur.

Second, pregnant women actually have less exercise in the later stage of pregnancy, so they will sit for a long time. If the sitting position is incorrect, it is easy to have sciatica. Therefore, if you want to sit comfortably, you can put a pillow at the waist, which can relieve the uncomfortable feeling, and it will also have a certain relieving effect on sciatica.

In the later stage of pregnancy, because of the big belly, it is inconvenient to move, so the sitting time is relatively long, so we should pay attention to the correct sitting posture, but after doing it for a period of time, we should try to stand up and walk, otherwise it may have obvious influence on sciatic nerve.

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