How does pregnant woman suffer from pain on both sides of the lower end of her stomach for 28 weeks?

It is possible for women to have any symptoms during pregnancy. For example, some women will have stomachache, which usually occurs at the early stage of pregnancy, and some severe symptoms of bleeding may occur besides stomachache. So what about the pain at both sides of the lower end of the stomach of pregnant women in 28 weeks?

It is possible that the pain on both sides of the lower belly of pregnant women at 28 weeks is because with the increase of gestational age, the fetus grows and the uterus grows, and the enlarged uterus will involve ligament tissues on both sides of the uterus, resulting in pain involved, which is a normal physiological phenomenon and will not cause any impact on the fetus. For this situation, pregnant women can usually relieve it after rest.

However, if the stomachache is unbearable, you should go to the hospital for blood tests such as human chorionic gonadotropin, and it is best to have a more comprehensive physical examination to see if there are other diseases of uterine adnexa. If it is determined that it is not caused by other diseases, no special treatment is needed, and the pain can be relieved by sleeping in the left lateral position in normal times.

When pregnant, everyone will have some different symptoms, for example, some people prefer to sleep, some people are suddenly very afraid of the cold, some people have a sensitive sense of smell, and often feel uncomfortable when they smell oil, and so on. These can be called pregnancy reactions, and they usually get some relief after 3 months. Of course, this also varies from person to person.

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