How does pulling belly cause fever?

If many children have diarrhea, they will have fever easily. The reason for diarrhea may be caused by diet. If the number of diarrhea is too much, it may lead to dehydration if not handled in time. If it is serious, it may also lead to other complications. So what happened to fever caused by diarrhea?

First, it may be caused by gastroenteritis. If you don’t pay much attention to diet at ordinary times and often eat some irritating or spicy food, it is very likely that it will have an impact on the stomach. In addition, if you eat too much, it is easy to have gastroenteritis, which may lead to diarrhea, and even fever.

Second, eating unclean food, such as expired food or food that has been kept for a long time, may also cause diarrhea. After diarrhea, if you don’t add water to your body, you will probably get dehydrated.

If you have diarrhea, you must drink plenty of water to help replenish your body’s water, but drinking plain boiled water may not be particularly effective, so drinking some light salt water will be better and help balance your body’s electrolytes. In addition, during diarrhea, we must pay more attention to diet, try to keep it light, and eat more soup-like substances.

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