How does skin eczema not itch?

Eczema is a relatively high incidence of skin diseases, and many people suffer from eczema because of allergies. Generally, after suffering from eczema, there will be some small rashes on the skin, and most of them will have itching symptoms, but some people do not itch after suffering from eczema. So, how does skin eczema not itch?

Skin eczema can be divided into different types, such as acute eczema, subacute eczema and chronic eczema, and the symptoms of each eczema are different. Although most people have itching symptoms after suffering from eczema, there are individual differences in each person’s physique and symptoms after suffering from the disease, so some patients feel severe itching, while others have no itching symptoms at all.

The location of eczema is different, and the degree of itching is different, and there may even be no itching at all. For example, when the stratum corneum is thick, there is probably no itching symptom. Eczema caused by long-term exposure of some patients to certain irritants may be itchy because they have tolerated it.

When people suffer from skin eczema, they should be treated in time, no matter whether they have itching symptoms or not. It’s best not to use drugs blindly, but to go to the hospital for examination, and then ask the doctor to prescribe drugs. In the process of treatment, patients should also take good care, such as avoiding the sun and not applying cosmetics.

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