How is abdominal hernia caused in children?

Children’s hernia is a common disease, and the incidence rate of boys is higher, which is related to their physical structure. Boys are more likely to have hernia problems. When hernia occurs, it will make children feel uncomfortable, thus causing distress and other symptoms. Parents should pay attention to it in time. If it can’t be improved all the time, they should go to the hospital for treatment. So, how can children’s abdominal hernia be caused?

Children’s abdominal hernia is caused by many reasons, and their abdominal wall is not well developed, which leads to organs protruding outward, thus causing hernia. Children often cough and cry, cough too hard, or cry for too long, which will cause hernia. Some children are prone to irritability, and their bad mood will also aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, we should pay attention to regulating children’s emotions and avoid crying for a long time.

Parents should master correct nursing methods. If they often move in cold and wet places, it will easily lead to hernia. Do not expect to be in cold and wet environment for a long time. Hernia sometimes causes abdominal pain, so parents should let their children develop a healthy diet, prevent constipation, reduce heavy physical labor at ordinary times, pay more attention to rest, and relieve the aggravation of hernia.

When hernia occurs, it will not only show abdominal distension, but also cause constipation. If it is serious, it can be relieved by hernia band, which can effectively prevent hernia from protruding and prevent the development of hernia. Different types of hernia, treatment varies from person to person, some need surgery, and some will recover by themselves.

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