How is frequent micturition and urgency in children?

Frequent micturition and urgent micturition will not only occur in adults, but also in many children. However, because children are younger, their perception of many diseases is not obvious or clear, so it is easy to be ignored. What is the reason for frequent micturition and urgent micturition in children?

Children’s frequent micturition and urgent micturition mainly include physiological reasons and pathological reasons. First, the physiological reasons are drinking too much water, or drinking too many sugary drinks, and being too nervous or anxious, which will lead to frequent micturition and urgent micturition. Therefore, it is only necessary to improve bad living habits, reduce the amount of drinking water and relax the children’s mood.

Pathological frequent micturition and urgent micturition include many kinds of diseases, and the more common one is urethral infection. When children do not pay attention to local hygiene or are infected by parasites, symptoms of frequent micturition and urgent micturition may occur, which may be accompanied by dysuria or some other symptoms. At this time, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for treatment in time, and then carry out targeted anti-infection and anti-inflammatory treatment.

Children are small, and if their tongue is unclear and it is difficult to describe their symptoms, parents need to pay special attention, especially similar diseases such as frequent micturition and urgent micturition, so they should not be careless when their children have any symptoms, so they must pay special attention and seek medical treatment in time.

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