How is hydronephrosis caused?

Hydronephrosis is the accumulation of excess urine in the kidney, which will have a bad influence on the health of the kidney, so it must be treated in time to avoid causing various kidney problems, and at the same time, we must insist on treatment. However, how is hydronephrosis caused?

There are many reasons leading to hydronephrosis, and improper diet is a common reason, which is an acquired factor, so it should be treated concretely. Hydronephrosis may be caused by eating too greasy and spicy food, and lack of water in daily life, which will also cause hydronephrosis, so it is necessary to correct these habits in time.

Hydronephrosis is also related to lack of exercise, so we should insist on doing moderate exercise every day, try our best to choose the exercise that suits us, and grasp the duration of exercise, so as to make our body healthier. The kidney is closely related to the urinary system. If there are diseases such as urinary stones, it will also cause hydronephrosis, so it is necessary to treat the diseases of the urinary system so as to improve hydronephrosis.

If you like to hold your urine in time, it will flow into the renal pelvis, but there are certain bacteria in the urine. After bacterial infection of the renal pelvis, it will also lead to hydronephrosis. No matter what the cause of hydronephrosis is, patients should treat it as soon as possible, and do not delay treatment. Once the hydronephrosis is complicated with infection, it will lead to necrosis of kidney tissue, destroy the function of kidney, and cause other symptoms, which will bring great troubles to patients’ lives.

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