How is intrauterine infection caused?

Many women found that intrauterine infection occurred during pregnancy. In fact, the rate of infected women is not low, and the harm of intrauterine infection is relatively large, so it needs to be paid enough attention to. So, how is intrauterine infection caused?

There are many causes of intrauterine infection, among which vaginitis and other bacteria are more common, which is mainly caused by women’s living habits. In addition, there may be bacterial infection during abortion. Another common reason is that sharing a room during menstruation will increase the probability of intrauterine infection.

Intrauterine infection is a kind of congenital infection, which belongs to mother-to-child transmission. It is a special disease of pregnant women during pregnancy. It can cause pathological changes in both pregnant women and fetuses, and easily lead to perinatal infection. Therefore, mothers-to-be should pay attention to check-up on time, which can largely avoid this situation.

Intrauterine infection can’t be ignored for women, which should arouse high vigilance. Suffering from this disease will not only threaten the life of pregnant women, but also affect the development of babies. Therefore, measures must be taken to prevent it. First of all, we should supplement our own nutrition and pay attention to personal hygiene. Women with anemia, in particular, should pay more attention to regulating their physical condition by improving their immunity and diet. Secondly, it is necessary to prevent malnutrition, chronic diseases and other diseases that can make the maternal resistance low in time.

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