How is it hair loss?

When you wash your hair, you often see falling hair, which is a very normal phenomenon. However, if you lose too much hair, it will be alopecia, and when hair loss is serious, it will greatly damage your personal image. At present, the concept of hair loss is not very clear. So, what is hair loss?

Under normal circumstances, people will lose about 30 hairs every day. If the number of lost hair reaches 50, it is a slight alopecia. Once you find that your hair falls off more, you must adjust it in time to avoid hair loss becoming more and more serious.

If you want to avoid losing your hair, you must live regularly and stay up late less. It is best to go to bed early and get up early and keep good living habits, which is very important to avoid hair loss. If you stay up late often, it will do great harm to your body, which will affect your endocrine and decrease your immunity. This will not only make people lose their hair easily, but also increase the chance of getting sick.

Many people usually dye their hair and have a perm, which can make our image better, but it is very harmful to our hair. Especially for scalp tissues and hair follicle cells, it will cause great damage. Many people’s hair loss is caused by dyeing hair and perming, so we should try our best to reduce the frequency of dyeing hair and perming.

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