How is pregnant woman’s teeth sour?

Most pregnant women actually have nausea and nausea during pregnancy, but this is also based on different people’s physique. However, some pregnant women may still feel that their teeth are sour, and they don’t know what causes it, so they will worry about whether they have some physical problems. So what is the matter with the sour teeth of pregnant women?

First, it may be caused by tooth wear. Many people’s usual way of brushing teeth may not be correct. If they brush their teeth improperly for a long time, they may wear their teeth, for example, using a hard-haired toothbrush or coarse-grained tooth powder, which will cause more serious tooth wear, so it may lead to tooth acid.

Second, caused by external stimuli, for example, if your teeth suddenly come into contact with very sour substances, or if there is something very cold, you will suddenly open your mouth and take a breath, and you will feel that your teeth are soft and sour. Therefore, in normal times, eat less cold food or sour food.

Third, oral diseases may also cause tooth acid. If you have gingivitis or loose teeth for a long time, your teeth may be sensitive, and you will feel weak when you are stimulated by alternating cold and hot. If this is the reason, we must pay more attention to the cleanliness of the oral cavity and ensure its health.

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