How is there a lump in the breast during six months of pregnancy?

Many women feel lumps when touching their breasts in early pregnancy. What is the matter with lumps in their breasts during the sixth month of pregnancy? The breast will feel pain, partly because the connection of estrogen and progestogen stimulates the breast, causing breast swelling pain, which usually occurs in the premenstrual period, but disappears after the end of the menstrual period.

Estrogen increases during pregnancy, which leads to the extension and branching of the mammary duct, thus causing pain. Some people will feel swelling and pain from time to time. Be careful not to knead your breasts.

If the symptoms still exist after the end of postpartum lactation, it is suggested that the internal excretion can be fundamentally regulated and the hormones in the body can be balanced by treatment. The pain will gradually disappear until it recovers. Be in a good mood during pregnancy, relieve stress, prevent fatigue and stay up late, ensure adequate sleep, develop the habit of regular reexamination and breast self-examination, and do a good job of pregnancy examination.

Some swelling or lumps were diagnosed as breast tumors at an early stage. Most of these breast tumors are benign, but they may also be precursors of breast cancer: breast fibroadenoma: women around the age of 20 often feel lumps in their breasts but have no tenderness.

Because there is almost no pain or other obvious symptoms in the early stage of breast cancer, breast self-examination and mammography are the main methods in the early stage. Unless breast cancer grows long enough to invade the nerves around the chest wall, it will be painful. Therefore, most of the occasional breast pain can be detected step by step, and there is no need to worry too much. However, it is recommended to go to the breast surgery clinic of the hospital, cooperate with doctors to do palpation and related examinations to make a clear diagnosis, and then give symptomatic treatment.

If it is a malignant tumor, the treatment method should be determined according to the number of weeks of pregnancy. If it is found at the early stage of pregnancy, some examinations may affect the fetus, and the changes of hormones and blood in the body after pregnancy will make the tumor grow very fast and lymphatic transport easily occur, so it is usually recommended to terminate the pregnancy. In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetal organs have been structured, so simple anesthesia will not have much effect. Breast surgery can be performed without affecting uterus and fetus. However, whether to continue electrotherapy or chemotherapy during pregnancy still needs to be evaluated according to the physical condition of pregnant mothers.

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