How long are the feet of a seven-year-old child?

When a child is six or seven years old, his body is developing rapidly, and his height may have changed obviously. Some parents can still observe that his feet are growing rapidly, so he needs to change shoes regularly, so as not to feel uncomfortable in his feet, thus affecting his foot development. So, how long are the feet of a seven-year-old child?

Seven-year-old children’s feet are 18-20cm long, and there are differences between individuals, and there are differences between boys and girls. When buying shoes, it is recommended to judge according to the inner length, instead of simply referring to the size, which may be different. If you are really uncertain, it is recommended to measure them first, and then buy the appropriate shoe size according to the child’s foot length. If the child grows fast, you should choose a bit bigger, so that you can wear them for a long time.

Children’s feet are about one centimeter long every year, and some of them are faster, which is also related to heredity. If children develop faster, their feet will be longer, but girls’ feet may be slightly smaller, which is a relatively normal situation. As long as children have no problems in other aspects and their health is normal, they usually don’t have to worry very much.

There is no fixed standard for children’s shoe size, so you can measure the length of children’s feet first, and the feet are changing every day. If the children’s feet are fat or the instep is high, you should choose a bigger size. If the feet are slow, you can go to the hospital for examination to see if there is any nutritional deficiency.

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