How long before caesarean section?

Most pregnant women want to give birth naturally, which is less harmful to their health and good for their baby’s health. If the conditions for natural delivery are not met, a caesarean section is needed. However, one advantage of caesarean section for women is that there is no pain during the delivery. So, how long before caesarean section?

When doing caesarean section, narcotic drugs are usually taken 10-15 minutes before the operation. After the operation, when the effect of narcotic drugs subsides, the wound will feel pain, especially when the mother lies flat, the pain will be very strong. At this time, the mother can lie on her side, which can relieve the pain.

Caesarean section usually involves spinal anesthesia, which is often called spinal anesthesia, which requires puncture at the waist, and then the anesthetic is injected into the subarachnoid space of the parturient. This anesthesia method takes effect very quickly. It should be noted that generally, before caesarean section, 空 abdomen is needed for a period of time.

Before anesthesia by caesarean section, it takes 4-6 hours 空. This is because if you don’t have 空 abdomen after taking anesthetic, it is easy to vomit and inhale by mistake, which will endanger your life. Moreover, after being anesthetized, the maternal’s head should fall to one side. If vomiting occurs, it is not easy to cause suffocation, which can reduce the chance of vomiting and aspiration.

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