How long can I go to work after abortion?

Women will have induced abortion because of unexpected pregnancy, and some will have induced abortion because of fetal suspension. But after abortion, you need a rest. How long can you go to work after abortion? Get to know each other!

Under normal circumstances, as long as the recovery after abortion is good, you can continue to work about half a month after abortion. But the premise is not excessive fatigue, if the work is in the form of office, it is generally possible to start working half a month after the operation. If you are engaged in heavy work or service industry, you still need to rest for a while, and you can only work about one month after the flow of people.

If the physical recovery after abortion is not good, it is necessary to continue to rest at home, and only after the physical recovery can you start working. Otherwise, if you go to work again when your health is not well recovered, long-term fatigue will lead to worse and worse health, and even affect your future pregnancy, which is not good for you.

If you want to have an induced abortion because of accidental pregnancy, you must take contraceptive measures in the future to avoid accidental pregnancy again. If abortion is done because of factors such as abortion, it is necessary to check the physical condition of both husband and wife before re-pregnancy, and only when it is confirmed that there is no problem can the pregnancy be resumed to prevent re-abortion.

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