How long can I laser freckle after delivery?

Many women find more spots on their faces when they are pregnant. The increased spots during pregnancy have affected women’s personal image. After giving birth, many women are thinking about getting rid of the spots early. But the body is still weak after delivery, so I don’t know when to get rid of it. So, how long can laser freckle after delivery?

The time for laser freckle removal after delivery is not fixed. Generally speaking, laser freckle removal can be carried out after delivery. Considering the need of confinement after delivery, laser freckle removal is generally not needed during confinement, and freckle removal can be performed after confinement, that is, one month after delivery. Laser freckle removal belongs to physical freckle removal and will not affect the baby.

After laser spot removal, some skin repair products are needed to repair the skin. Therefore, after laser freckle removal, women who are going to breast-feed after delivery must pay attention to the non-irritating repair products, so as not to have any impact on their babies and expectant mothers. In order to reduce the effect of laser spot removal, spot removal can be done after weaning.

Laser freckle removal can be performed after delivery, but women who perform freckle removal need to understand that laser freckle removal is more effective for freckles. If there is chloasma after delivery, it is not possible to remove spots by laser, and the treatment effect is not good. But freckles can be removed after delivery, and the effect is very good.

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