How long can pregnant women have caesarean section?

When a friend is pregnant, if she wants to give birth naturally, she must meet the corresponding conditions. If the fetal position is incorrect and the birth canal is narrow, it is impossible to give birth naturally. Caesarean section is necessary at this time, which can effectively avoid dystocia during childbirth. So, how long can pregnant women have the same room by caesarean section?

When a woman has a caesarean section, she usually has to wait for 3 months before she can share a room. Caesarean section is harmful to women, and it will leave incision in abdomen and uterus. You must wait for the wound to heal completely before you can share a room. Moreover, before sharing a room, it is best to go to the hospital for a check-up, and everyone should listen to the doctor’s advice.

Many people think that after postpartum lochia is clean, they can have sex, but this understanding is wrong. After a caesarean section, even if lochia is clean, the incision on the uterus will not fully recover, so it is impossible to share a room. Otherwise, it may cause intrauterine infection, which is very unfavorable for postpartum uterine recovery.

Women should pay attention to contraception when sharing a room after childbirth. Even if menstruation has not recovered, contraceptive measures should be taken. Because women’s postpartum ovulation occurs before menstruation. If there is no contraception, it is likely to lead to women’s continuous pregnancy. At this time, whether abortion is performed or the fetus is preserved, it will seriously damage the health of uterus.

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