How long can the peeling of nipple eczema be cured?

After giving birth, women will pay attention to their own breast problems. Therefore, they should breastfeed their children. Only when there is enough milk can the children have nutrition. If there are some breast problems, they will bring a lot of troubles and even cause pain. Breast eczema is also a common disease, which often makes women feel itchy. So, how long will it take for nipple eczema to peel off?

It varies from person to person how long the peeling of nipple eczema can be cured. As long as it is treated in time, it may be cured in a week or so. If the recovery is slow, it will take another month or so, so it varies from person to person. After eczema appears in breast, it will bring great influence to women, so we should pay attention to it and receive treatment.

Some women belong to sensitive constitution, which will lead to allergy if they are accidentally exposed to allergens at ordinary times. For example, food factors, eating milk, soybeans and eggs, etc., may induce allergy, so it is best not to eat such things. Women should find out the cause of illness, conduct a comprehensive examination to determine whether there is chronic disease, and avoid various external stimuli, such as hot water scalding and excessive scratching.

Women should use drugs reasonably under the guidance of doctors. If they are still breastfeeding, it is recommended to suspend them for a period of time. When breast eczema occurs, if it is acute, patches of erythema may appear, which will affect the appearance of breasts, which will have an impact on women’s mental health.

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