How long can white vinegar wash your face and turn white?

Most of the time, white vinegar is used as seasoning, but some people use the characteristics of white vinegar acetic acid to wash their faces in order to make their faces whiter. This is because the acidity of white vinegar can remove the cuticle on their faces, thus achieving the whitening effect. So how long does it take for white vinegar to turn white?

How long does it take for white vinegar to turn white

White vinegar will have a whitening effect after washing your face for a month, but it is best to use it in combination with glycerin. The correct method is to dilute the white vinegar with water, add twice as much glycerin, mix them together, smear them on your face, and clean them after about ten minutes. It is only necessary to remember the whitening effect every day.

Who shouldn’t wash his face with white vinegar

Because white vinegar may cause certain corrosiveness to skin, if skin is sensitive, it is best not to wash your face with white vinegar. Another reason is that white vinegar peels off the cuticle on the skin surface to achieve the whitening effect, so people with thinner cuticle are not good at washing their faces with white vinegar.

Washing your face with white vinegar is not to say that it is 100% harmless. Although white vinegar can whiten your face, many people feel uneven on their faces when washing their faces, so it is easy to cause uneven skin color after whitening. In addition, long-term use of white vinegar can easily make the skin more sensitive, so it is best to consider carefully before using white vinegar to wash your face.

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