How long can you get pregnant after abortion?

Both men and women who have a pregnancy plan after marriage will attach great importance to the topic of pregnancy preparation. Therefore, in order to be pregnant with a healthy and lovely baby, most people will choose a healthy and optimistic life to welcome the birth of a new life, but for some women who have undergone abortion, how long can they get pregnant after abortion?

Usually, if you want to get pregnant again after the recent abortion operation, it is best to consider it within 6~12 months, because after the abortion operation, the endometrium of women will be damaged to some extent, and if you get pregnant again in a short time, it is likely to endanger women’s health and have the risk of miscarriage.

Therefore, it is suggested that women can wait until the endometrium is fully recovered before considering pregnancy. Usually, the time of endometrial recovery varies from person to person. However, it is suggested that women should go to the hospital for follow-up visit after at least half a year’s rest, and wait until the examination results show that the endometrium is completely healthy before considering pregnancy.

At the same time, it is suggested that if women want to recover quickly, it is best to prohibit sexual life within one month after abortion, and pay proper attention to iron supplementation in diet. Usually, women’s ovulation will be affected after abortion, so you can closely observe your menstrual time, so as to effectively judge the time when you resume ovulation.

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