How long can you live after thyroidectomy?

Thyroid is an important tissue of human body, which secretes many important elements. If the thyroid is sick, it needs timely treatment, and when the disease is serious, such as thyroid cancer, patients need to perform surgery as soon as possible to remove it. So, how long can you live after thyroidectomy?

Thyroid parts are prone to diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, addition and subtraction, and the incidence of thyroid cancer is relatively high, which requires surgical treatment. As for how long the thyroid gland can live after resection, it cannot be generalized, because everyone’s situation is different, so it depends on the specific situation. If it is benign thyroid disease, it usually does not affect normal life after resection.

When suffering from malignant thyroid diseases, if the patients are well cared for after operation and undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it is no problem to continue to survive for ten years. Because thyroid cancer is better than other cancers, it is one of all cancers with better prognosis, and the postoperative survival time of patients is longer.

If bilateral thyroid glands are removed, the patients must take drugs for replacement therapy after surgery, which has little effect on normal life. After thyroidectomy, patients should pay more attention in their daily life, take appropriate nursing measures, and go to the hospital for regular examination.

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