How long does abortion take to recuperate?

After an unexpected pregnancy, if you don’t make corresponding preparations, you can choose abortion or abortion with drugs. No matter what way, it will have an impact on women’s health and even lead to infertility. Therefore, women should take a good rest and reduce the impact of these hazards. So, how long will it take for abortion?

Abortion requires a week’s rest. It is best to stay in bed a few days ago. Do not move at will and avoid heavy physical activities. Otherwise, it will cause many symptoms. Do not touch cold water, which will easily lead to cold, which will affect your health and cause soreness. If it is winter, you should pay more attention to keep warm and clean your vulva at ordinary times.

The uterine mouth is not completely closed, and it will take some time to repair it. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of personal hygiene and frequently change underwear, including sanitary articles, otherwise it will lead to infection, and sexual life should be prohibited after abortion, which is not conducive to reproductive health, and may easily cause pelvic inflammatory disease and other diseases, even lead to infertility.

Women should observe their bodies more, for example, the condition of bleeding is normal, and the amount of bleeding will be reduced. If there are abdominal pain, fever, abnormal leucorrhea, etc., they should go to the hospital for examination in time. Women should pay more attention to nutritional supplements and eat food rich in protein to promote the repair of endometrium.

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