How long does it usually take to know that you are pregnant?

Women sharing a room during ovulation will undoubtedly increase the chances of conception, but if both men and women who are ready for pregnancy must maintain a good living condition during pregnancy preparation, so as to give birth to a healthy baby. Women can calculate the ovulation time according to their menstrual time, so how long does it take for women to know about pregnancy?

Usually, one week after sharing a room is the earliest time to get pregnant. At this time, you can ask women to go to a regular hospital to take blood tests and test the level of human chorionic gonadotropin to judge whether pregnancy is successful. You can also test with a pregnancy test stick about 8~11 days after sharing a room. If the pregnancy test stick shows two bars, most of them indicate that pregnancy is successful.

Although sharing a room during this period will increase the probability of conception, it cannot guarantee 100% pregnancy. At the same time, whether a woman knows someone or not must be judged accurately through the examination results of a regular hospital. At the same time, there will be some differences in the implantation time of fertilized eggs. Usually, after sharing a room, it takes about one week to two weeks to judge whether she is pregnant.

It is suggested that women during pregnancy must maintain a good living condition, and it is best to share the same room during ovulation. Men should not drink or smoke, and women should also maintain a healthy living condition. Do not eat fried or overly irritating food. It is best to prepare for pregnancy and go to a regular hospital for examination. Both men and women are in good health.

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