How long does lochia flow normally during caesarean section?

After giving birth, women will have lochia, which is a normal postpartum symptom. Women need to pay attention to lochia, because it can reflect the recovery of uterus. If lochia is found abnormal, you must go to the hospital for examination immediately. So, how long does lochia flow normally in female caesarean section?

After caesarean section, lochia is usually discharged in 3 weeks, and the amount of lochia will be significantly reduced in 2 weeks after operation. If there is still a lot of lochia one month after caesarean section, it is an abnormal situation, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination to see if there is inflammation in the uterine cavity.

Usually, the color of lochia is lighter 3 weeks after delivery. If it is still bright red, or if the puerpera has symptoms such as high fever and abdominal pain, it is usually caused by intrauterine infection and poor uterine rejuvenation. At this time, it is necessary to check immediately and carry out targeted treatment.

If women want to get rid of lochia as soon as possible after giving birth, they should breastfeed. Because it can strengthen the contraction of uterus, so that lochia can be discharged more quickly. In addition, after a caesarean section, women should not only pay attention to lochia, but also observe the wound. If there are signs of redness and inflammation, they must go to the hospital for examination and have anti-inflammatory treatment when necessary.

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