How long does ovulation last in general women?

As we all know, female friends ovulate every month, usually once in the menstrual cycle (usually one month), and the ovulation day is about 14 days before the next menstrual visit, which is your conception day-ovulation day. So, how long does the average woman ovulate?

Releasing an egg from the ovary is actually only a moment. Menstruation varies in length, but its intervals are basically the same. When a woman’s menstrual cycle is relatively stable, it usually appears on the ovulation day 14 days before the next menstruation.

Ovulation refers to the process of mature follicular rupture in ovary and discharging eggs. Ovulation takes a short time. The ovum discharged can live in the body for about 24 hours, and some women may live for 24-48 hours after discharge. Medically speaking, the ovulation period is longer. Five days before ovulation, ovulation day and four days after ovulation are counted as ovulation period. If you can check the exact time when you go to the hospital, sharing a room 1-2 days before ovulation day, 1-2 days after ovulation day and ovulation day can better improve the chances of conception.

However, everyone is different. Some people last for a long time, while others don’t even have 24 hours. However, according to the general rule, after the ovulation test paper is strong, there will be a peak of luteinizing hormone secretion, which will stay for at most one day or even only a few hours; Some people stay at the peak for more than one day, but the strong sun has been measured continuously for more than three days. There are two possibilities: first, the ovulation period usually occurs after the end of yang qi; The other is a continuous peak without ovulation. The above situation varies from person to person, so if women want to accurately increase the probability of conception, they still need to study more and try more, and find a law that suits them.

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