How long is it appropriate for children to take a nap after meals?

Children have the habit of taking a nap, although some don’t like taking a nap, so it is always difficult to fall asleep, and some will form a habit. Sleeping time may be too long. Only by taking a proper rest at noon can children have better energy in the afternoon. So, how long is it appropriate for children to take a nap after a meal?

It is appropriate for children to take a nap one hour after a meal before food can be absorbed and digested, so they can take a nap. If they fall asleep immediately after a meal, a large amount of blood will flow to the stomach, blood pressure will drop extremely, and oxygen supply to the brain will drop, which will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain. In severe cases, it will also lead to reflux, so they can’t sleep after eating. It is best to have a rest. Try not to eat too much or too much greasy food at lunch. After a meal, they can exercise properly to promote food digestion.

The lunch break should last about 1-2 hours. If the children are under 3 years old, the lunch break can be extended. When they are growing up, they need to supplement their sleep time. As long as it is not long, it will not affect their sleep time at night, and it will be beneficial to healthy growth and will not have much impact.

If children are very excited to play, it is difficult to take a nap, because the brain nerve is still excited, so don’t be too excited before taking a nap. In the case of weak light, children can easily fall asleep, so the room should be closed with curtains, and the sheets and quilts should be as warm as possible, so that the children feel very warm and easy to fall asleep.

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