How long will it take for postpartum skin itching to heal?

After delivery, many people will have itchy skin. In the face of itchy skin that they never had before delivery, the maternal psychology will be anxious after delivery. At the same time, they also hope to solve their itchy skin problem as soon as possible, so that the skin can be restored to a normal state. How long will the skin itch after childbirth be good?

If a puerpera has skin itching, how long it will take to recover depends on her skin condition. Everyone’s skin condition is different from the cause, and the time for improvement is not absolute. Some people’s skin itching may get better in a day or two, while some people’s skin problems take a month or two or several months to get better.

It is very possible for a woman to have itchy skin because of personal skin allergy. If she is allergic before pregnancy, it is not impossible for her to have allergic problems again because her body’s resistance is weak after delivery. It is suggested that the puerpera should not use the medicine blindly at this time, and should see a dermatologist on the premise of not knowing the cause of itching.

Because of breastfeeding after delivery, it is suggested that women with itchy skin should not take oral medicine by themselves, and the external medicine should also be established under the guidance of professional dermatologists, instead of using drugs indiscriminately to cure it. At the same time, at this time, you should try to reduce the itching and discomfort by going to places where there are many people and dust.

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