How long will it take to have a fever without taking medicine?

Nowadays, many people are busy with their work and career, but they pay little attention to their health. They just choose to go to the hospital for examination because they can’t help their physical abnormalities. Fever is also a common disease, and many people are unwilling to take medicine, thinking about resisting for two or three days. So how long will it take to have a fever without taking medicine?

1. If it is a common viral infection, if there are no other accompanying symptoms, and if you are in good physical condition and have strong resistance, you may not take medicine for 1-2 days, and your body temperature will gradually drop, eventually reaching a self-healing situation.

2. If it is a fever caused by bacterial infection or a very serious virus, it may be difficult to heal itself without taking medicine. Therefore, once you have a fever, you can observe it for 1-2 days. If there are no other special circumstances and the clinical symptoms are good, you can drink plenty of water, eat lightly and take no medicine for 1-2 days to see if you can heal yourself.

3. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the cause of fever, and at the same time observe the changes of body temperature and accompanying symptoms. If the body temperature rises with obvious symptoms, you need to go to the hospital for examination and further treatment.

4. Fever caused by other diseases should be treated effectively under the guidance of doctors. If fever is caused by pulmonary infection, active anti-infection treatment should be taken; if fever is caused by tuberculosis, anti-tuberculosis drugs should be taken.

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