How many days can measles erythema be cured?

Dermatosis is a skin-related disease, which affects people’s normal life and is one of the frequently-occurring and common diseases. Such as bacterial skin infection, leprosy, mycosis, measles erythema, etc. The incidence of some skin diseases is relatively high. If you suffer from mild skin diseases, it will not affect your health. So, how many days can measles-like erythema be cured?

Patients with measles-like erythema will have fever, cold stomach and other symptoms, and there will be large grains of rice, red or papules on the skin, and then slowly develop into maculopapules or macules. Under normal circumstances, the rash will slowly subside in one to two weeks, and will disappear completely in about two to three weeks.

Patients can eat diet and health care, such as white duck, grass shrimp, Polygonum hydropiper and so on. Wear a mask when going out, and try not to go to crowded places or public places. Babies and adults who do not have measles can be vaccinated against measles. If you come into contact with people with measles, you should take preventive drugs against measles within five days to prevent the recurrence of measles. If there is no injection prevention for more than five days, it is very likely that the disease will occur with mild symptoms.

Patients with measles should go to the hospital for examination in time to find out the cause and prescribe the right medicine. In addition to contact with measles patients, measles may also be related to some drugs and cases.

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