How many days can my wisdom teeth be swollen?

Many people will feel pain after they grow wisdom teeth, and even lead to headache, which has affected their normal work and life. In this case, they usually choose to pull out wisdom teeth, but after pulling out, their faces will swell, so how many days can they get better after pulling out wisdom teeth?

After the wisdom teeth are pulled out, because there will be bleeding symptoms, it is generally necessary to rely on drugs to control them. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to local cleanliness. After eating, we must gargle in time. If there is still bleeding, it is best to choose cold compress, which can not only stop bleeding, but also play a role in relieving pain. Usually, it can be recovered within five or six days after taking drugs.

Generally, wisdom teeth begin to grow when they are in their 20s. Because some people don’t feel anything at ordinary times, wisdom teeth don’t play much role. However, some people will have toothache or gingival inflammation when they grow wisdom teeth, which has been seriously affected. Many people will choose to pull out their wisdom teeth. However, if they are pulled out improperly, it will easily lead to dental diseases.

The position of wisdom teeth is not very good. Everyone eats a lot of food every day, which will make food residue remain between teeth. Because wisdom teeth grow on the innermost part, it is difficult to clean them properly even when brushing teeth, and tooth decay is particularly easy to occur. If it is broken, it is recommended to pull them out, otherwise other teeth will be affected.

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