How many days does it take to treat pubic lice?

Because the reproduction ability of crabs is strong, it is difficult to cure them. Once you find that you have crabs, you should take timely measures, otherwise, the infection area will be large, which will make it difficult to treat them, and it will also lead to crabs growing in your hair. How many days does it take to treat crabs?

The treatment of pubic lice is simple, but the treatment process takes a long time, which requires long-term treatment. Therefore, we must be patient during the treatment, and we must not give up halfway. If the treatment measures are not thorough, it is very difficult to cure crabs. Different people adopt different treatment methods, and the cure time will be different, so it is uncertain how long it will take to cure.

We must choose a regular hospital for the treatment of pubic lice, and we should pay attention to many matters during the treatment. Must insist on medication, when cleaning genitals, the anus should be cleaned together, and it is best to remove pubic hair, so that the medicine can penetrate all skin, so that the medicine can be used more thoroughly. Remember not to use hot water when cleaning, or your skin will get hurt and cause pain.

Finally, it should be noted that crabs are transmitted through sexual life, so they cannot have sexual life during the treatment period, otherwise they will infect each other, resulting in more serious illness. For more thorough treatment, sexual partners also need to go to the hospital for treatment together, so that they can recover more quickly.

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