How many degrees does a cold usually have?

Cold is a very common disease, but it generally does not seriously harm health. Usually, after suffering from a viral cold, the symptoms are more serious than the common cold, and it is easy to cause fever. Once a fever occurs, it is necessary to reduce the temperature in time. So, what is the general temperature of a cold and fever?

Fever caused by a cold is mostly low, usually 37.5-38.5 degrees. If the fever is low, physical cooling should be taken, such as using antipyretic stickers, rubbing your body with alcohol or taking a warm bath. Have good cooling effect, which can gradually reduce the body temperature.

In a few cases, there will be symptoms of high fever after catching a cold, so it is necessary to take antipyretic drugs at this time, and people should pay attention to observing their body temperature after taking the drugs. If the fever is not effective after taking the medicine, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time, so that the body temperature can be restored to normal.

When people have a cold and fever, they need to drink more water, which will not only help to cool down, improve the symptoms such as sore throat, but also avoid dehydration. Usually, when you have a fever, it consumes a lot of water in your body. If you don’t get enough water at this time, you may get dehydrated. In addition, patients with colds and fever will be weak and their gastrointestinal function will be reduced, so choose foods that are easy to digest.

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