How many milliliters of amniotic fluid at 16 weeks of gestation?

Amniotic fluid has a great effect on fetus, for example, it can protect fetus, enable fetus to carry out proper self-activity and breathing in uterus, and relieve external pressure. Many women in life don’t know much about the normal amount of amniotic fluid after pregnancy. Let’s take a look at the number of milliliters of amniotic fluid at 16 weeks of pregnancy.

When pregnant women are about 16 weeks pregnant, the depth of amniotic fluid is within the normal range of 3~8 cm, while the amniotic fluid index is within the normal range of 8~18 cm. If the depth of amniotic fluid of pregnant women exceeds 8 cm, it belongs to polyhydramnios, so it is necessary to reduce the amount of drinking water at ordinary times, which can play a certain role in improving. If the depth of amniotic fluid is less than 3 cm, it is oligohydramnios, so it is helpful to increase the amount of amniotic fluid.

Hyperhydramnios or oligohydramnios in pregnant women will have a certain impact on fetal growth and development. If there is too much amniotic fluid, it is usually complicated with fetal malformation. If there is too little amniotic fluid, it will easily lead to prolonged labor process and fetal asphyxia. Therefore, whether the amniotic fluid is too much or too little, we must go to the hospital for examination in time and deal with it in a targeted manner.

During pregnancy, we should keep in a good mood, properly increase nutrition in diet, have adequate rest, ensure adequate sleep, avoid staying up late, and properly go out to breathe fresh çİş gas, which is beneficial to the healthy development of fetus.

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