How many months after delivery can you lose weight?

After pregnancy, women always think about how to provide more nutrition for their babies, which will naturally increase their food intake, but for some pregnant women, it will make them fat. After the baby is born, women are not satisfied with their bloated figure, and they all hope to reduce the body fat earlier. So, how many months after delivery can you lose weight?

2-3 months after giving birth, women can start to lose weight, because by this time their bodies have gradually recovered, but they cannot exercise with high intensity to lose weight. The exercise suitable for women at this time is walking. At the beginning of the walk, don’t take too long and walk as slowly as possible. . When taking a walk after childbirth, you should control your swing arm and breathing.

You can walk for 5-10 minutes in the first few times, and then gradually increase the time. When the body gradually adapts, the walking time can be raised to about one hour. If you can walk for one hour every day, you can burn 500 calories. However, it takes a long time to lose weight by walking, otherwise it will have no effect.

Within six months after giving birth, the body fat has not become stubborn fat, so it is best for female friends to start losing weight within six months after giving birth, otherwise the fat will not be easily lost. Many women will start losing weight after giving birth, which is wrong. It is best to start losing weight two months after delivery.

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