How many weeks can the fetus be caesarean section?

Compared with the great pain of safe delivery, caesarean section is relatively easy, and pregnant mothers will go to the hospital for examination to determine the date of caesarean section. Caesarean section is a common delivery operation, which is not needed by every woman. So, how many weeks can the fetus have a caesarean section?

Many medical books say that fetuses aged 37-40 weeks are mature enough to be delivered by caesarean section. At 37 weeks, the fetus basically completed its development. After 38 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is basically mature, so you can choose the appropriate time for caesarean section, but it should be analyzed according to the specific situation.

For healthy pregnant mothers, they usually choose caesarean section at the 39th week of pregnancy. Because there are few cases of emergency caesarean section, such as broken water and pain. Compared with babies born by caesarean section at 37 or 38 weeks, babies born during this period have a lower risk of various diseases.

According to the survey, pregnant mothers are healthy and can give birth naturally, but 35.8% of mothers choose caesarean section at the 37th or 38th week, and 49.1% mothers choose caesarean section at the 39th week.

Generally, the gestation period is about 40 weeks, but the fetus is usually full-term at 37 weeks. Studies have shown that babies born by caesarean section at 37 or 38 weeks are twice as likely to have health problems as babies born by caesarean section a week ago, such as respiratory problems, infection, hypoglycemia or serious diseases requiring special care. Compared with the latter, the former has a higher proportion of complications. Therefore, if there is a cause of illness or accident, it should not be carried out until at least 36 weeks of pregnancy. Because premature babies are likely to face various complications of premature birth.

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