How many weeks do people flow the best time?

Unexpected pregnancy is a common occurrence. Many people don’t know about the time of abortion. If it is delayed for too long, it may bring danger to women. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the best time for abortion. Women should make a good understanding of it. So, how many weeks should people flow for the best time?

The best time for abortion is 45 days. Once it is determined that abortion should be done, the doctor will determine the number of days of pregnancy and the size of the pregnancy sac. Only under suitable conditions can painless abortion be performed. This can solve the pain of countless women, but it will still cause certain negative effects. Women should be responsible for their own bodies and should not have abortion many times.

After the embryo is implanted into the uterus, the position of the embryo can be found by ultrasonic examination, which is convenient for doctors to attract the embryo. Women should seek medical treatment in time to avoid increasing complications of induced abortion. If the pregnancy time is too short, the phenomenon of aspiration leakage may occur, which is unfavorable to women.

After more than ten weeks of pregnancy, the embryo will be bigger and the placenta has been formed. At this time, abortion will cause greater damage to women’s bodies and increase bleeding. After more than twelve weeks, women should induce labor. After the operation, we should pay attention to local hygiene, change underwear frequently, and avoid sitting in a bath within one month to avoid infection. If we share a room after recovery, we should also insist on contraception, and we should not prepare for pregnancy immediately.

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