How much chorionic gonadotropin can exclude ectopic pregnancy after 5 weeks of pregnancy?

Pregnant women must be very happy when they know that they are pregnant, but if they are found to be ectopic pregnancy after further examination, they will be very sad, because ectopic pregnancy shows that it is not a normal intrauterine pregnancy, so that there is no way for children to be born, so they must have abortion. Generally, whether it is ectopic pregnancy is ruled out by observing the value of human chorionic gonadotropin in blood. How much can human chorionic gonadotropin exclude ectopic pregnancy after 5 weeks of pregnancy?

The 5th week of pregnancy is still an early stage, at which time the value of human chorionic gonadotropin will be 5 ~ 50IU/L. To judge whether it is ectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to dynamically observe the change of this value. If the blood human chorionic gonadotropin doubled within 24~48 hours, it means that the embryo development is normal.

This value will reach a peak at the 10th week of pregnancy, almost reaching 15,000-20,000 international units/liter. If the value increases abnormally at the early stage of pregnancy, or the growth rate is slow, it may be ectopic pregnancy. In addition, although human chorionic gonadotropin may slowly decline after 12 weeks of pregnancy, it will still be higher than before pregnancy.

If it is determined to be an ectopic pregnancy, it should be terminated in time, because it is a fetus that cannot be bred normally, and if it is not handled in time, it will have a great impact on women’s health.

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