How much fever is normal for children?

Most children often have colds and fevers when they were young, which is mainly because their resistance and immunity are weak, so sudden changes in the weather or some other circumstances may cause them to have fever and colds, which is actually quite common, as long as they are treated in time, it will not have much impact, so how much fever is normal for children?

In fact, normally, the temperature range of fever should be between 37.5 and 42 degrees. Therefore, if the child’s body temperature has reached above 37.5 degrees when measuring it, it belongs to the range of fever, and in most cases it will not exceed 42 degrees. Because it is already a high fever if it exceeds 39 degrees, parents need to pay special attention at this time, and if it continues to rise, it should be treated and treated in time.

However, because children’s body temperature itself is not particularly stable, and their metabolism will be more vigorous than that of adults, children’s body temperature is higher than that of adults, so it is normal for children’s body temperature to fluctuate in one day. As long as the child’s mental state is good and there is no crying for unknown reasons, there is basically no need to worry too much.

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