How much is normal between placenta and cervix at 19 weeks of gestation?

After the embryo is implanted in the uterus, its position is also very important, because it is necessary to look at the distance between the placenta and the cervix at the later stage, which also has a normal range. If the distance is too short, it is likely to be caused by the low placenta, which may affect the development of the fetus, or it may be premature birth. So how much is normal between the placenta and the cervix at the 19th week of pregnancy?

During the whole pregnancy, it is normal for the placenta to be more than 7 cm away from the cervix. If the distance is greater than 3 cm, but smaller than 7 cm, it is a case of low placenta. If it is smaller than 3 cm, it may be the phenomenon of placenta previa.

However, most doctors do not deliberately look at the distance between the placenta and the inner mouth of uterus before 28 weeks of pregnancy, and usually consider it after 28 weeks. Because at the 28th week of pregnancy, in fact, the placenta will grow upward with the enlargement of uterus, and will slowly return to its normal position.

However, if the placenta is lowered or placenta previa has occurred, we should pay more attention to avoid strenuous exercise and sharing the same room during pregnancy, and avoid touching the abdomen. In addition, if there is vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, it should be checked in time.

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