How much is pregnant amniotic fluid related to what?

In fact, the amount of amniotic fluid and its clear degree can affect the health and development of fetus. Therefore, when doing prenatal examination, the normal condition of amniotic fluid is usually observed by B-ultrasound. Too much amniotic fluid or too little amniotic fluid may affect the development of fetus, so what is the relationship between pregnant amniotic fluid and what?

First, it has something to do with the length of pregnancy. Generally, with the increase of pregnant time, the amount of amniotic fluid will gradually increase. Moreover, after four months, the urine secreted by the fetus will also be mixed with amniotic fluid, so the amount of amniotic fluid will obviously increase.

Second, it is also related to the fetus itself. When the fetus is developing in the stomach, the gastrointestinal tract can swallow some amniotic fluid, so as to keep the amniotic fluid in a balanced state. In addition, some secretions of respiratory tract will also be in the amniotic fluid. Therefore, with the development of fetus, the condition of amniotic fluid will change and generally increase.

However, we should pay attention to the range of amniotic fluid, and there is a normal standard. If the amniotic fluid suddenly increases too much, it is easy to have too much amniotic fluid, which may lead to fetal malformation or premature birth. In addition, if there is too little amniotic fluid, it may also affect the development of fetus, and may cause malposition of fetus, which will also affect delivery, so we must pay more attention to the situation of amniotic fluid.

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