How much is the maximum dark area of amniotic fluid normal at 37 weeks of pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, because her baby grows in the uterus, there will be amniotic fluid in the uterus, which is mainly to ensure the living environment of the fetus, and the temperature is suitable. Moreover, amniotic fluid can also provide nutrition for the baby, so amniotic fluid will accompany her during the whole pregnancy. How much is the maximum dark area of amniotic fluid normal in 37 weeks of pregnancy?

In fact, at different stages of pregnancy, amniotic fluid will have a normal range. If you have been pregnant for 37 weeks, the normal range should be 300~2000 ml, and then the normal range in the dark area is 3~8 cm when you do B-ultrasound examination.

If you find oligohydramnios during the examination, you should not be too flustered and treat it calmly. Basically, the doctor will give you appropriate advice to help you with treatment and conditioning. So what should I do if there is too little amniotic fluid?

First, we can help replenish amniotic fluid by increasing the amount of drinking water. Then, in terms of diet, we can also drink more soup or eat some fruits and vegetables with more water content, which can achieve good help and replenish amniotic fluid.

Second, when sleeping, you can take a more appropriate sleeping position to rest, which also has a better effect on the blood circulation of the placenta, so that it will not affect the health of the fetus. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose the left lateral position.

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