How often do pregnant women start to have vomiting reactions?

Most women are in the early stage of pregnancy, and will have obvious morning sickness reaction. After this stage, they will be relieved slowly in the middle stage of pregnancy. However, morning sickness is really uncomfortable for women, which will not only affect their health, but also lead to loss of appetite. But not in the early stage of pregnancy, the reaction of morning sickness will always exist, so how soon will pregnant women start to have morning sickness reaction?

Most women may begin to vomit during their 40-odd days of pregnancy. Usually, because you see some greasy food, you will have obvious nausea. Therefore, at this time, try to let pregnant women eat some light things, otherwise, the loss of appetite is likely to lead to malnutrition.

Vomiting should normally occur after more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, especially in the morning. However, the reaction of vomiting will gradually ease with the increase of pregnancy cycle, but it will still be different according to the individual physique of women.

The reaction to morning sickness during pregnancy is mainly due to the influence of estrogen at an early stage. Moreover, after pregnancy, pregnant women have other senses of smell, their sensitivity will be improved, and their intestines and stomach will be fragile, so they are particularly prone to nausea and vomiting.

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