How old are normal children? Long legs.

There are countless hairs on people’s bodies, and the hormones and nutritional status in people’s bodies will affect the growth of body hairs. Usually, when men reach puberty, their body hair will become thicker and harder, for example, the hair on arms and legs will become very obvious. So, how old are normal children with long legs and hair?

Every child’s physique is different, and the growth and development will be different, so the growth of leg hair is also different from person to person. Genetic factors and nutritional status will affect the growth of leg hair. Some children can see leg hair when they are about 3 years old. If the nutrition is insufficient and the development is slow, the leg hair may not be seen until 7-10 years old.

There are some differences in the length and thickness of each person’s leg hair. In puberty, the secretion of estrogen will stimulate the growth of leg hair. Usually, the leg hair of men is much thicker than that of women. However, many women who love beauty will have their legs depilated in summer, which can make their thighs look more beautiful.

The amount of leg hair mostly depends on heredity. Some people have less leg hair, so they are worried that they are abnormal. Most people’s worries are unnecessary, and the amount of leg hair is not an abnormal symptom. If there is little hair in the legs and other sexual characteristics are abnormal, we should be vigilant, which may be a development problem.

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