How old is it for children to sleep in separate beds?

Babies usually sleep with their mothers, but as their babies grow older, they can’t always sleep with their parents. How old is it for children to sleep in separate beds? Get to know each other!

How old children are to sleep in separate beds should be decided according to their personal circumstances, because every child’s situation is different. If the parents sleep soundly after falling asleep, it is most appropriate for the baby to sleep alone in the crib, because it can avoid the parents crushing the baby. However, parents should get up several times at night to see if the baby kicks the quilt or is covered with blankets, which affects the baby’s breathing.

If a child loves to cry especially when he was a child, he still needs his mother’s company and comfort at this time. It is best to sleep with his parents, but a small bed should be merged separately to avoid getting too close to the baby, otherwise it is easy to squeeze the baby when sleeping at night. It is also good to sleep with your mother, because it is more convenient to breastfeed at night, but be careful not to cover your baby’s nose and mouth when breastfeeding.

When the baby is about 3~6 years old, parents can let the baby fall asleep alone, but to let the baby fall asleep naturally, parents should encourage the baby to fall asleep by himself. You can’t beat and scold a child, or the child will be more and more scared in his heart, and he will be afraid of falling asleep alone.

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