How old is the best age for a baby to use chopsticks?

When you see your baby using chopsticks, and when you see your younger brother and sister picking vegetables with chopsticks, you feel that you can also use that thing. Actually, children have a hobby of using chopsticks. So, what is the best age for a baby to use chopsticks? At what age can children use chopsticks?

At first, the baby had the habit of eating and grabbed it with his hands. Parents don’t correct, wait for him to eat by himself. Slowly, you will be surprised to find that your baby learns to use spoons at 9-10 months without knowing it, and will soon use them very well.

It is best to let the baby use chopsticks after 2 and a half years old. The most suitable age for children to use chopsticks in kindergarten is four years old. The use of chopsticks is very complicated. It requires not only the cooperation of hands and wrists, but also the cooperation of shoulders and arms, as well as the cooperation of hands and eyes.

If your baby’s precise movements are not fully developed, it is not advisable to let your baby touch chopsticks too early. Babies eat by themselves mainly by grasping, because their precise movements have not been fully developed, which requires a long adaptation process. That is to say, when some babies are uncomfortable with spoons, parents are anxious to use chopsticks for them, but the baby can’t take them yet, which will only hurt the baby’s enthusiasm for using chopsticks.

We should teach our children our food culture. For example, the elders often remind the younger generation to pay attention to the rules when dining at the table. For example, you can’t knock on the plate with chopsticks, and you can’t turn it over with chopsticks. When babies use chopsticks, parents should also tell their children how to use them correctly. Before using chopsticks, let the children sit on the table. Don’t let your baby eat and play, or run around with chopsticks, so as not to cause unnecessary danger.

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